About These Reflections

November 30, 2009

I will be updating these Reflections on Pastoral Leadership on this site each month with content that relates specifically to pastoral leadership. These topics are designed to be useful to clergy and lay leaders alike.

Public comments to the Reflections are welcome. The comment period will be open to discussion for two weeks after each post. While I cannot personally respond to every comment, I will be following the discussion.

This is to be part of a ongoing community conversation on leadership in pastoral ministry that I will maintain. I hope you will take a moment to subscribe. Note to your right, on the side bar, the place for you to sign up. I welcome you come back often. If you prefer to comment personally, please write me at my email address.

. . .  2015  . . .

Friends, I have revised my website and blog to reflect this time in my life. As a way of leaving this vocation that always exceeded by grasp while filling me with purpose, I’m going back and picking up some tools (re-frames) that I found useful in the gardening we do. These “re-frames” mattered to me in my years of pastoral ministry. I’m passing them along with the hope that some will serve you as well.