This website is a resource to clergy leaders of congregations. It is my tribute to the chutzpa of pastors.

  • the courage, week after week, to declare the gracious reality of God with words that fall short every time;
  • the courage to stand with conviction, offering an alternative worldview of Shalom to the dominant culture of competitive, often violent ways of relating;
  • the courage to enter, upon invitation, into the private places of a person’s life and be there with presence, faith and sometimes sight;
  • the courage to lead the church in a time of grieving loss and embracing re-formation;
  • the courage to call for surrender to the Christ Spirit that takes us often where we do not want to go;
  • the courage to be a flawed leader of an imperfect institution that frequently contradicts the compassion it espouses;
  • and the courage to bear the symbols of God, even be a symbol of God, at the perilous risk of playing God.

. . .

It is within this spirit that I offer the following resources.

• my current vision for this site

• my biographical sketch

• a perspective on clergy leadership

• Reflections on Pastoral Leadership, an ongoing blog. 

• Writings: books and articles 

I hope you will check in regularly and take a moment to subscribe to my Reflections posts. Note to your right, on the side bar, the place for you to sign up. You may contact me by email with any inquires you may have. 

Thanks for stopping by.

–Mahan Siler

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